Chiropractic Care

The doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will interest his patient in the care of the human frame, in diet and in the cause and prevention of disease.” -Thomas Edison, 1903

Corrective Chiropractic Care

We specialize in spinal corrective care utilizing various techniques. Our goal is to restore the normal alignment of the spine through corrective care protocols, postural exercises, and neuromuscular re-education. Our doctors use x-rays to determine structural issues thus allowing them to have a clear window into the spine and ensures that they know exactly what technique will be best for the specific patient. Your structure determines your function and your function ultimately determines your health!
Some of the common symptoms we have helped patients with include
(but are not limited to):
Cherry City Chiropractic | Salem Family Chiropractic
Cherry City Chiropractic | Salem Family Chiropractic

Webster Prenatal Care

Webster Technique was developed to support women through their pregnancy. The primary focus of Webster Technique is to correct sacral posteriority and to release uterine ligament restrictions that can affect fetal positioning. I tell all of my pregnant patients that every day they will get more pregnant thus my goal is to make that process as smooth and as comfortable as possible; at some point most of my prenatal patients ask me to move in with them because they notice such a difference in their pregnancy symptoms with chiropractic care.


Dr. Amy has been certified in the Webster Technique since 2017.

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Pediatric Care

We love the kiddos!!! Dr. Amy and Dr. Ryan have had the privilege of caring for babies as young as a few days old as well as children through their adolescent and teenage years. Kids have spines too and let’s be honest…they are a bit rougher on their bodies than we adults are sometimes! We take care of lots of kids for wellness and preventative care; parents say they notice their kids getting sick less often and are overall healthier, sleep better, and focus better.

Some of the common symptoms we have helped patients with include

(but are not limited to):

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A specific spinal corrective care technique that focuses on restoring the proper structural alignment of the spine through postural corrective exercises, neuromuscular re-education, and mirror image adjustments; this technique is great for general health and scoliotic patients.

Drop Table

A technique designed for full body care that allows for various adjusting maneuvers that are comfortable and effective for the patient. The drop table also absorbs a bit of the force from the adjustment to provide more ease to the patient.


A low force technique using a spring-loaded instrument that is gentle and specific. Typically used for pediatrics, elderly, extremities, or conditions such as arthritis, areas of spinal fusion or bulging discs.


An adjusting tool used to release muscle and ligament tension. It also aids in the process of structural correction and neuromuscular re-education. Most patients love this instrument and often ask if they can take it home with them!


A full spine, manual technique that allows for various adjusting positions including face up, face down, seated, side lying, and more. It is comfortable and highly affective. This technique is common amongst chiropractors and is used for most patients.


Care for the muscles and joints of the arms, legs and rib cage through muscle work and instrument adjusting. We also utilize a foot scan to customize inserts for patients that have chronic foot pain, biomechanical issues, and hip height discrepancies.


An excellent technique most commonly used for infants, toddlers and children due to it's gentle nature, calming effect and healing ability. Cranial focuses on releasing tension in the cranium as well as it's sutures which can become rigid due to the birth process.

Webster Technique

Designed specifically for prenatal chiropractic care. Webster focuses on correcting sacral subluxations that affect the alignment of the pelvic girdle thus affecting fetal position. It works to release uterine ligament restrictions that can also affect fetal positioning.